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Get the important information you need, right here. Below is a list of informational material regarding short sales, foreclosures, and the things you need to know. Feel free to download this material.

Home Prices Spring Forward
Home prices have increased by leaps and bounds over the last few years.
The Housing Market Is In Full Bloom
The housing market has improved drastically over the last few years.
Why Now Is a Great Time To Sell Your Home
Give Yourself the Gift. 
Its Official Housing Market is Back
Give Yourself the Gift. 
Give Yourself the Gift
Give Yourself the Gift. 
Good News At The Right Time of Year
Good News At The Right Time of Year. 
Equity Check Up
Equity Check-Up. 
Housing Forecast
Housing Forecast. 
Need a Second Chance
Need A Second Chance. 
The Miracle Housing Market
The Miracle Housing Market. 
Foreclosure Alternatives Under The Magnifying Glass
Foreclosure Alternatives Under the Magnifying Glass. 
Housing Market Rebound
Housing Market Rebound. 
The $25,000 home selling bonus
The $25,000 home selling bonus. 
Return of the Housing Market
Return of the Housing Market. 
Underwater Homes Reach The Surface
Underwater Homes reach the Surface. 
Your Mortgage Does Not Have to be a Monster
Your Mortgage Does Not Have to be a Monster. 
Fending off Foreclosure
Fending off Foreclosure.
Surprising Housing Prices
Sell Your Home For More Than You Think.
Don't Let Your Short Sale Leave You Taxed
What the expiring mortgage debt relief act means for you.

The Great Housing Rush
Distressed homeowners find renewed hope in emerging real estate recovery.
Save Your Financial Future
5 Ways to Beat Foreclosure and Avoid a Damaging Credit Collapse
What They Didn't Say
The Truth About Your Home That Big Media Hasn’t Told You!
Think You Cant Sell Your Home
Why people are lining up to buy your home!
3 Reasons Your Home May Be Worth More Than You Think
How much is your home worth?
Real Stories from Real Homeowners
How Real Homeowners Escaped an Unmanageable Mortgage without Going Through Foreclosure
Mortgage Relief Fraud
Don't Be the Next Victim of Mortgage Relief Fraud!
Struggling to Make Your Mortgage
Uncle Sam May Pay You to Sell Your House!
ATTENTION Distressed Homeowners
Congress Renews Critical Homeowner Relief Program!
Crushing You
Is the Strain of Foreclosure Crushing You? You have options!
Short Sale Incentives
Why Banks Will Give You Money To Sell The Home You Can't Afford
Mortgage Debt Relief
The latest on the sunsetting of the Mortgage Debt Relief Act
Loan Mod Secrets
Why there is more to getting a loan modification than you might think.
Foreclosure Fairytale
Why a foreclosure is devastating and the alternatives available to you.
Your Ticket to Freedom from Mortgage Frustration
Learn about your options.
Time is Running Out
How the Mortgage Debt Relief Act Can Save Your Home.
Escape Your Unmanageable Mortgage
Why strategic default is not a viable option for you!.
The Robo-Signing Settlement
Learn how to balance your mortgage with your budget.
Is your Mortgage out of Balance with Your Budget
Learn how to balance your mortgage with your budget.
Are You Living Under the Cloud of an Unmanageable Mortgage
Learn how to get out from under the cloud of an unmanageable mortgage.
Tipping the Scales Toward Foreclosure?
Resolve to shed the weight of an unmanageable mortgage and make a fresh start in 2012!
Mortgage Payments Weighing You Down?
Give yourself the gift of a fresh start.
Change the Course!
And Navigate Away from an Unmanageable Mortgage.
Need a Helping Hand?
This month's campaign informs financially strapped homeowners that major banks and the federal government have placed an increased priority on foreclosure avoidance, and that more help is available than ever before.
Is Your Mortgage Payment Dragging You Down?
This month's campaign informs financially strapped homeowners that major banks and the federal government have placed an increased priority on foreclosure avoidance, and that more help is available than ever before.
At the End of Your Rope?
10 ways to avoid the stress of foreclosure
Missing Mortgage Payments? It's Never Too Late!
What to do if you're missing payments and want to find ways to avoid foreclosure
Short Sales vs Foreclosure
Learn the differences between a short sale and foreclosure
Feeling Trapped by Your Mortgage?
Learn more about your options
Caution: Protect Yourself Against Mortgage Relief Scams
Protect yourself for mortgage relief scams
Don't Walk Away From Your Mortgage
Why you shouldn't walk away from your mortgage
Mortgage Crisis Easier
Government and lenders programs for distressed homeowners
Feeling Financially Squeezed
Foreclosure Stress Never Goes on Holiday
Make Financial Stability Your Resolution
Foreclosure Stress Never Goes on Holiday
Freezes in Foreclosure
Think a Foreclosure Moratorium Will Save Your Home?
On the Edge of Losing Your Home?
The options available to a homeowner faced with foreclosure.
Short Sale vs. Foreclosure
The benefits of a short sale as a dignified solution to foreclosure.
Hidden Costs of Bankruptcy
Understand the consequences and alternatives to bankruptcy.
Credit Score Issues
Understand the credit implications of foreclosure avoidance.
A Dignified Solution
The range of options for homeowners with financial hardship.
Cash for Short Sales
Get the full list of short sale benefits.
Government Program Surveys
Find Out Your Eligibility.
Understanding HAFA
A straightforward explanation of HAFA and what it means to you.
Avoiding Mortgage Modification Fraud
Don't Fall for Mortgage Modification Scams.
Strategic Defaults are NOT Strategic
Why Strategic Defaults are NOT Strategic.
Your First Steps To Avoid Foreclosure
Understand your first steps and options when facing foreclosure.
Short Sale & Deed-In-Lieu
Understand the details and consequences of two dignified solutions to an upside-down mortgage situation.
The Truth About Mortgage Modifications
The Truth About Mortgage Modifications
7 Short Sale Myths
The 7 most dangerous short sale myths identified and explained.
Foreclosure Vs. Short Sale
A side-by-side comparison of the consequences of foreclosure and a short sale.
Options and Solutions
Highlighting 10 alternatives to foreclosure for distressed property homeowners.
Mortgage Debt Relief
3 Qualifications
Learn how agents with the Certified Distressed Property Expert® designation are best suited to help distressed homeowners.

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